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Captain Visual Changes

So I won’t go into this too far I’ll just give you the visual comparison of the quickslot bars before and after Rise of Isengard proposed changes. These pictures are the same character the first from the live servers and the others from Bullroarer.


Now changing “Stances” changes your brother skills.



As you can see there are a few changes both visually and also with consolidation it is much more different on some of the other characters those I will show you later. Like I said not too in-depth I just want to give you a general idea of what you’ll be seeing when ROI goes live. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in Middle-earth ~ Bor


Captains lets finish this 61-65 for now

Captains are armoured melee fighters and masters of buffing; skills that enhance allies. They may summon a Herald companion to fight by their side, ensuring they always have an ally to buff. They can also Mark foes, giving benefits to all who attack them. In fellowships, a Captain supports his allies with healing and buffs, while still dealing respectable damage. The Captains of Middle-earth hold the future in their hands. By their own strength of arms and the inspiration they instill in others, they must lead the Free Peoples to victory. With this in mind let us move on into Mirkwood or soon into Enedwaith. You may want to wait to level 62 to head into Enedwaith but that is entirely up to you.


Captain’s leveling guide 51-60

Capatin This week we cover the areas for leveling from 51-60 and the skills you will attain from them.

Having reached level 50 and finishing your level 50 class quest we can finish up in Eregion and move into Moria which is like nothing you have ever seen. Gaining access to Moria requires the purchase of the Moria expansion and the completion of Volume 2 Book 1 of the epic quest line, so we are going to operate on the assumption that you have both of these taken care of. After entering Moria you will first notice that it is huge with multiple quest hubs. The first few are levels 50-56 and then the lower levels are 55-60.

Another option once you are in the level 55-56 range is to quest in the outer Moria pre-Lothlorien areas for reputation with the Elves of Lothlorien which will grant you access to the Lothlorien areas. There are two Factions of Dwarves in Moria for reputation the Miners and the Guards both of them have decent

rewards. The Guards have a book for a legendary trait Master of Oaths from The Master of the Charge. The Miners have a Nimble Goat for you to purchase for 6 24 and of course for both rewards you need to be Kindred with both factions.


Guardian’s leveling guide 51-60

This week we cover the areas for leveling from 51-60 and the skills you will attain from them.


Captains………….It is time to become Legendary

Now it is time to cover The Noblest Path is Service your level 50 class quest that you can pick up from your class trainer.


Captain’s leveling guide 41-50

This week we will point you in the right direction to get you going for your level 50 class quest. As you will notice your questing will most likely be getting more and more spread out. your area Choices will be Angmar and The Misty Mountains. Once you get into the level 45 range you will be able to converge on Eregion and or Forochel. also at level 45 you will want to make your way to the Hollin Gate in the far east of Eregion to start Volume 2 of your epic quests that will grant you the ability to use Legendary Items but that is another post.


Captain leveling guide 31-40

This week we will cover a few ideas on which area to head into for your leveling purposes.  If you went the Lone-lands route you should be about ready to head to Oatbarton and Evendim or to Esteldin and the eastern North-downs. If you chose to go through the North-downs then you will have naturally progressed to the eastside of the North-downs. At level 38 you will find that quests are either few and far between or require a group to complete. I would suggest doing Skirmishes as needed for the XP help in this situation. Unfortunately we have just hit the proverbial wall as it comes to leveling you will get there but it is going to seem like work. Don’t be afraid to use the different chat channel to ask for suggestions.


Captain leveling guide 16-30

Welcome back! As you may have noticed, this series is not super in-depth. That is on purpose. My goal is to give a quick overview of the skills and areas for the level ranges.  After that is done, I will be going into a much more turn-by-turn type of guide. I will go into class quest guides, deeding, virtues, traits, and all other manner of things. First things first, I just want to get you familiar with the bulk of the game and your class, and then we will delve into the nitty gritty, so to speak. Until then, here is the next installment of Bor’s Guide to Captains.


Captain leveling guide 1-15

Skill Level: Moderate

Captains are masterful leaders whose commanding presence strengthens allies. Their battle cries strike fear into the hearts of enemies and rally companions to their war banners.

Role: Buffer / Pets / Secondary DPS

The armoured Captain possesses some of the most potent enhancements to the heroes of Middle-earth, this makes the Captain a key member of any fellowship. The Captain’s ability to summon a Herald pet at later levels, plus the ability to bring fallen heroes back into the fight, make it a desired group class.


Episode 1 : Captain’s Battle-Shout

This Episode I cover the tell the community team thread on captains with a special guest Leohten I also read and Email from Adam of The Khazad Guard. I hope you enjoy it ~ Bor

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