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Minstrel Visual Changes

So I won’t go into this too far I’ll just give you the visual comparison of the quickslot bars before and after Rise of Isengard proposed changes. These pictures are the same character the first from the live servers and the others from Bullroarer.


Warspeech active


Warspeech off


As you can see there are a few changes both visually and also with consolidation it is much more different on some of the other characters those I will show you later. Like I said not too in-depth I just want to give you a general idea of what you’ll be seeing when ROI goes live. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in Middle-earth ~ Bor


Episode 6 : Minstrel’s Piercing Cry

In this Episode we will be talking about Minstrels what we like and what we don’t. This weeks guests are Hadionlasmoth {Firefoot} and Iothryth {Silverlode} Also I have a few comments on the direction I would like to see the Podcast go. So have a listen and let me know what you think in writing, or email me an MP3 at, or leave a voicemail at +1(304)534-9BOR (9267). You can also contact me through twitter @Theobor and @GondorAwaits



Calling all Minstrels

Hello all of you Minstrels out there, if any of you would like to be on my next episode email me at or send me a dm on twitter @theobor or @gondorawaits. I am looking for as many people as possible to give me your opinions on your beloved class. Don’t be shy let the world know what you think. Thanks in advance ~ Bor