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On to Rohan

So no that the NDA is over on Rohan beta I am going to talk about it a bit.

I don’t want to prattle on about the issues because it is a beta and thats what your here to help with. The issues are the reason that any developer has consumer testing. Much easier and cheaper to have hundreds and thousands of people test the product than to have a QA department the size of a small city.

That being said the downside is you really can get what you pay for. People asking debs for an instant jump to level cap. Wanting to talk to the community manager like he has time to be there every waking minute. And then acting like he is the one coding the whole thing. Give me a break your there to test not be a nuisance.

Then unavoidably you have the people that are complaining about the lag and rubber banding. Let face it this is a single test server that most likely has the population of two or more servers. Of course there are going to be through put issues, bug it and get over it. Don’t harp on it for twenty minutes in global chat and act like your the only person it happened to. Your main function as a beta tester is to point out issues with game-play and other such items. An npc in the wrong spot or one floating in the air. A quest that won’t let you complete. Those are the types of things that need reported first off.

I mean for some reason everyone seems to forget that it is beta not a preview event. If it were then perhaps there would be something to complain about. So get over yourselves and hunker down try to break everything so they can fix it right. Comment below, email me or find me on Twitter @gondorawaits and @Bor_Jason. Until next time I’ll see you in Middle-earth ~ Bor