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Welcome to the Riddermark……

I wasn’t sure if I was even going to comment on this but I have decided to put my opinion out there. Recently Turbine has released information about the upcoming expansion for The Lord of The Rings Online named The Riders of Rohan. Current pricing for Rohan pre-orders are $39.99 for the base, $49.99 for heroic, and $69.99 for the legendary which is a $10-$20 increase from just last years Rise of Isengard. My first thought was finally I mean we have been screaming for Rohan since we got out of Lothlorien. And looking at the prices I think Warner Brothers knows it (I am giving Turbine the benefit of the doubt not sure if it is deserved or not).

I know that everyone has done break downs of how many store points you save by buying edition X. But I choose to look at it like there is no store main reason being it is not really a fair comparison being that there are 3 tiers of users in LOTRO. One of course being the free players which purchasing and expansion changes for you instantly so breaking it down in that aspect is kind of false being that you are now premium. The premium players do have a little more invested in store prices being that if they do want anything they have to earn TP or shell out some real life coin. Then there are the subscribers which includes the lifetime account holders that get 500 TP a month allowance that really seem like a ploy to get you to spend even more money than you already do. Knowing how people in general can’t wait to get what they think they need which I believe is where a lot of the price points come from. I mean in general is the normal person going to wait 2 months to get their allowance to get that quest pack or mount they want? I know there are a lot of people who do but there is a greater number that shells out the money to get it now. (more…)