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Gondor Awaits New Home

As you may have noticed there have been a few post going up on the site in the last few weeks. I am in the process of getting a schedule and structure going that should keep the content flowing. I also am in process of migrating to the My Middle-earth network which I hope to have completed soon. It seemed to me the proper place for my blog and hopefully soon my podcast. With the type of podcast I have and will be trying for is so heavily dependent in the community I figured it to be a good fit. I will endeavor to keep the quality as high as I can manage which of course is like aiming for the floor. I will do my best though and with your help and input hopefully this will become a quality source for information and other juicy lotro tidbits. New Gondor Awaits Link

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Welcome to the Riddermark……

I wasn’t sure if I was even going to comment on this but I have decided to put my opinion out there. Recently Turbine has released information about the upcoming expansion for The Lord of The Rings Online named The Riders of Rohan. Current pricing for Rohan pre-orders are $39.99 for the base, $49.99 for heroic, and $69.99 for the legendary which is a $10-$20 increase from just last years Rise of Isengard. My first thought was finally I mean we have been screaming for Rohan since we got out of Lothlorien. And looking at the prices I think Warner Brothers knows it (I am giving Turbine the benefit of the doubt not sure if it is deserved or not).

I know that everyone has done break downs of how many store points you save by buying edition X. But I choose to look at it like there is no store main reason being it is not really a fair comparison being that there are 3 tiers of users in LOTRO. One of course being the free players which purchasing and expansion changes for you instantly so breaking it down in that aspect is kind of false being that you are now premium. The premium players do have a little more invested in store prices being that if they do want anything they have to earn TP or shell out some real life coin. Then there are the subscribers which includes the lifetime account holders that get 500 TP a month allowance that really seem like a ploy to get you to spend even more money than you already do. Knowing how people in general can’t wait to get what they think they need which I believe is where a lot of the price points come from. I mean in general is the normal person going to wait 2 months to get their allowance to get that quest pack or mount they want? I know there are a lot of people who do but there is a greater number that shells out the money to get it now. (more…)

Help me Middle-earth…Your my only hope!

So earlier today I found that there is no access to the Gondor Awaits podcast. And after having to do an emergency wipe of my computer the originals are gone. I know I should of had another backup but I figured it was safe on the host I was using. Little did I know they would suspend my account and wipe my content due to lack of traffic. Or at least that is how I am reading it. With no warning all of my episodes are gone. So if there is anyone out there that may downloaded any episodes and still has them let me know. Either mail me or hit me on twitter @Bor_Jason or @gondorawaits. I know a lot of the information is dated but there is some that is still on task. I hope to be able to get this put back together since the links on the site and in iTunes are pretty well useless. So that if someone wants to listen they can. Thanks to anyone that ends up helping. Until next time see you in Middle-earth ~ Bor

The Future of Gondor Awaits


First of all I would like to thank everyone who has

supported me in my undertaking.  That being said

I am going to postpone the Blog and Podcast until

further notice.  I am still going to be playing LOTRO

but as of now I am unsure what server I am going to

call home.  After much thought and deliberation with

myself 🙂 I decided with my limitations monetarily and

time constraints I cannot produce the quality that

you guys deserve or LOTRO deserves for that matter.

I really enjoy doing the podcast and the blog but recent events have taken the wind out of my sails.

I really wish I could continue on, but my schedule and other factors just make it impossible to do so.

I am not totally giving up I do hope to be able to come back to this maybe after the first quarter of

2012 but that remains to be seen. I would still love to keep in touch with all of you so I will keep

my twitter accounts up and also have no problem being a guest writer on a blog or just a guest

on a show. That being said I want to wish all of my peers in the LOTRO community the best of

luck and I will continue being a fervent supporter of all of the LOTRO podcasts and blogs.

I am so glad that there are so many able to carry a torch for this game I love so much.

Thanks again and I’ll see you in Middle-earth ~ Jason(Bor)


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Again thank you for your support.

A Thought on Role-Playing

Welcome_FullI just wanted to take a few minutes to share my thoughts on RP in LOTRO and other games. I am not much of what has been come to be know as an RPer. Although I do believe that anyone playing a game in a fantasy world where they are able to customize their character are technically role playing I do know that isn’t considered RP. RP is taking the story to a new level by going beyond the just the character creation by creating a back story for their character which they play out as they go through the game. Also they will be seen carrying on conversations in character or doing other group events with other role-players. I can’t imagine the amount of work that people go through to play this mostly because my creativity is maxed out with just the facial features of my characters. I do however want to applaud the people who take the time to play any game that way. I also want to say to anyone that thinks RP is weak or lame to remember whether you want to admit it or not you are role-playing just with less effort and thought put it to it. These are just my thoughts you can choose to agree or disagree and feel free to let me know either way. See you in Middle-earth ~ Bor

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Have it your way

A few days ago I posted a video about the UI in LOTRO I have since redone the Video and I would like you guys to sound off on which style you like better. I know the audio is kind of bad on both but I am working on upgrading my mic so that should take care of that problem. Just choose below as to whether you like Video A or Video B style wise.



Remember to comment below thanks guys and I’ll see you in Middle-earth~Bor

LOTRO Character Panel

Hey guys just a quick video showing the new character panel coming in the Echoes of the Dead update on the Bullroarer server coming “soon” to the live servers. Hope you enjoy it thanks for watching and I’ll see you in Middle-earth ~ Bor

LOTRO Character Panel


You can read Tim “Raskolnikov” Lang’s new Developer diary here.

Dual Boxing Experiment

Dual Box ExperimentSo the other Day I decided to try out Dual Boxing in LOTRO.  After some trial and error I was able to get it working using the Lavish Software currently I am only running 2 accounts but I believe you can go as high as 5.  You may ask why would you want to dual box?  Well there are quite a few answers to this question but my answer is mostly to make it a different gaming experience.  I am sure you have seen the videos on you tube of the guy running 5 RKs or Hunters with every key mapped so all 5 characters do the same moves at the same time.  I have taken the approach of doing classes to support each other my first attempt is a Guardian and Rune-keeper combo.  As of right now I am unsure whether this was a good choice or not but I’ll let you know.  So far this has been quite fun although I am only at level 9 on my characters but so far I seem to be doing okay.  I believe this may be the way I play from now one but we shall see I still have some more tweaking to do and a lot of experimenting I’ll post my thoughts and suggestions and answers to any questions you may have about this also thanks for reading and I’ll see you in Middle-earth ~ Bor.

Gondor Awaits Podcast

Greetings all,

Just a quick post to let you guys know that the Podcast is archived over at Mordor or Bust.  For those who use Itunes and Zune to subscribe I do not believe the RSS feed will work anymore we are trying to tackle that problem but you can listen direct from the MoB site.  I do not know how long I am going to be gone from the game but I will continue to answer any questions that I can get you an answer for.  As to the emails I have outstanding I will get you the answers you want.  Thanks you for your support and I’ll see you in Middle-earth ~ Bor

Farewell for now…..

Farewell for now…..