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The First Bor

Thurinbor “The First Bor”

First some background, I have been playing LOTRO since March 2007 and have been a subscriber all but two months of that time. As most of you know I am quite an altoholic. Recently due to schedule and some other outside forces I have reduced my total number from over 60 to around 23. Of these 23 I have 6 at level 59 or higher.

I am one of those players that want to play all of my classes as well as possible. Also I want them to be as helpful as possible to groups. Which requires a lot of work to get those characters to the point of helpfulness I am talking about. This has to a point become less of a monumental undertaking with the removal of radiance. However I still think the overall set up of endgame play and endgame gear is set up for people with only one character. I am not saying that I don’t like a challenge but a grind that turns a game into a job that I don’t like.

I know that Turbine is trying to even this out a little but I still believe some more work is required. With the recent combining of the marks an other barter-able currency is a step in the right direction. I believe that it must go further and here are some of my suggestions. (more…)