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Help me Middle-earth…Your my only hope!

So earlier today I found that there is no access to the Gondor Awaits podcast. And after having to do an emergency wipe of my computer the originals are gone. I know I should of had another backup but I figured it was safe on the host I was using. Little did I know they would suspend my account and wipe my content due to lack of traffic. Or at least that is how I am reading it. With no warning all of my episodes are gone. So if there is anyone out there that may downloaded any episodes and still has them let me know. Either mail me or hit me on twitter @Bor_Jason or @gondorawaits. I know a lot of the information is dated but there is some that is still on task. I hope to be able to get this put back together since the links on the site and in iTunes are pretty well useless. So that if someone wants to listen they can. Thanks to anyone that ends up helping. Until next time see you in Middle-earth ~ Bor

2 responses

  1. Thanks to Doc Holiday I now have Episode 9, so If anyone has any of the others please let me know. Thanks Doc

    June 4, 2012 at 16:52

    • So I was able to find a good many on an older computer. I still need episodes 7 and 8. I received an answer from my host service basically saying we told you in February and you had two months. Funny I went through my email back into January and no such notice. But I guess I should be use to slipping through the cracks.

      June 5, 2012 at 06:41

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