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Get Double Bonus LOTRO Points On All Point Bundles!

I normally don’t post the Store specials because Casual Stroll does such a great job but this on I felt needed repeating.


They break down like this

700 is 1.1¢ per point normally 1.3¢

1,950 is 1.03¢ per point normally 1.3¢

3350 is .09¢ per point normally 1.2¢

6900 is .07¢ per point normally 1.0¢

so the lower ones are just at a penny a point where the higher two are less than a penny per yes I did round the previous decimal up if it was 5 or more 🙂

these are some pretty good deals I hope at some point to see even better ones but I always have been a dreamer, if you have a comment leave it below or if you have something more to say you can email me at until next time I’ll see you in Middle-earth ~ Bor


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