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LOTRO UI Settings

Today I was listening to a Podcast and heard one of the Hosts mention doing the math to figure 25% health on a mob. I decided to do a video on the UI panel mostly to show an easier way beside trying to do the math on the fly and here it is.

If you are in a group you can have someone that is a support member set their health bars to percentage and they can call out the 50% and 25% marks so the classes that need to know will know. Also a lot of the Bosses different stages are set at a percentage as well and the can warn the group that the next stage is coming up. This is just one of the little thing that if you think ahead you can make your group/raid flow and work together better. So next time you go into a group area remember this little tidbit it could be a big help.

I hope you find this information helpful and as always any comments or questions below, email me here or leave me a voice mail here 304-543-9BOR (9267).


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