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Episode 6 : Minstrel’s Piercing Cry

In this Episode we will be talking about Minstrels what we like and what we don’t. This weeks guests are Hadionlasmoth {Firefoot} and Iothryth {Silverlode} Also I have a few comments on the direction I would like to see the Podcast go. So have a listen and let me know what you think in writing, or email me an MP3 at, or leave a voicemail at +1(304)534-9BOR (9267). You can also contact me through twitter @Theobor and @GondorAwaits


Legacy Tables – Minstrel

*New or changed legacies are in bold/italics.

Minstrel Songbook Pool A

  • Target Ballad Resist Rating
  • Healing and Motivation Skills Morale Healing
  • Raise the Spirit Healing
  • Bolster Courage Healing
  • Inspire Fellows Healing
  • Ballad of War Magnitude
  • Healing Skills Power Cost (New)

Minstrel Songbook Pool B

  • Target Song Resist Rating
  • Chord of Salvation Cooldown
  • Echoes of Battle Resistance Rating Debuff
  • Cry of the Chorus Cooldown
  • Song of the Dead Cooldown
  • Ballad of Unshakable Will Fear Resistance
  • Ballad of Flame Fire Defence

Main Hand Weapon Pool A

  • Triumphant Spirit Cooldown
  • Call to War Skills Resistance Chance
  • Piercing Cry Damage
  • Call of Oromë Damage
  • Soliloquy of Spirit Heal Over Time Pulses
  • Rally! Cooldown
  • Healing Threat (New)

Main Hand Weapon Pool B

  • Call of the Second Age Targets
  • Call to Fate Critical Multiplier
  • Recovery time Still as Death (New)
  • Tier 1 Ballad Damage
  • Tier 2  Ballad Damage
  • Target Resist Cry of Valar (New)
  • Cure Fear Cooldown (new)

Minstrel Legacies Removed

*These legacies will no longer appear on new Legendary Items but will stay in place on existing Legendary Items.

  • Cure Fear Range
  • Song of Restoration Cooldown
  • Anthem Damage
  • Lay of the Hammerhand power per sec cost
  • Still as Death Duration
  • Call to the Fellowship Damage and Healing

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