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Episode 5 : Lore-master’s Ancient-Craft

Episode 5 : Lore-master’s Ancient-Craft a little on the Tell the community team and some ramblings on the free client model and some in game wishes. The poll I mentioned is here

And as always don’t hesitate to send me an email or a voice mail 13045349BOR (9267) or hit me up on twitter @theobor @gondorawaits.


Legacy Tables – Lore-master

*New or changed legacies are in bold/italics.

Lore-master Book Legacies Pool A

  • Beacon of Hope Healing (new)
  • Target Fire Damage Skills Resist Rating
  • Target Tactical Damage Skills Resist Rating
  • Target Physical Resist Rating
  • Fire Skills Critical Rating
  • Wizard’s Fire Pulses
  • Burning Embers Pulses
  • Non-damaging Sign of Power Durations
  • Ancient-Craft Targets

Lore-master Book Legacies Pool B

  • Test of Will Devastate Damage
  • Duration Curing Skills Resistance (new)
  • Inner Flame Healing (increased)
  • Fire Damage Over Time
  • Bane Flare Targets
  • Fire-Lore Targets
  • Increased Threat from Sign of the Wild: Rage (new)
  • Increased Morale from Sign of the Wild: Protection (new)

Staff Legacies Pool A

  • Light of the Rising Dawn Critical Multiplier
  • Cracked Earth Range
  • Tactical Skills Direct Damage
  • Staff Strike Cooldown
  • Fire Skills Critical Multiplier
  • Light of the Rising Dawn Damage
  • Burning Embers Initial Damage
  • Increased Power from Share the Power (new)

Staff Legacies Pool B

  • Burning Embers Range
  • Sticky Gourd Direct Damage
  • Gust of Wind Damage
  • Ents Go To War Damage
  • Lightning Storm Damage
  • Test of Will Damage
  • Cracked Earth Damage
  • Storm Lore Damage
  • Lightning Skills Critical Rating (New)

Lore-master Removed Legacies

*These legacies will no longer appear on new Legendary Items but will stay in place on existing Legendary Items.

  • Beacon of Hope Threat

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