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Episode 4 : Hunter’s Focus

Episode 4 : Hunter’s Focus

In my haste to get this episode out I overlooked A Comment I received from Njalin which you can read below sorry Njalin. If you do leave a review on Itunes or Zune let me know also let me know what country so I can check the right version :)


Hi There – I am still not level capped but I do have an idea for the Hunter. I am guessing that the LotRO community would hate it (at least publicly).

I think that it would be in keeping with the hunter to have a way to incorporate a limited form of animal companion to the class.

Before anyone screams OP and no-WoW-Hunters, what I would suggest is a way via a legendary trait to exchange the hunter ability to use traps with a form of ranged snare that looks like some kind of animal (bird, wolf, lynx, etc). The player “fires” the snare which sends the “pet” at the target. I am thinking along the lines of a more limited skirmish soldier (but that could develop like one as well).

In the interest of full disclosure though, I was a WoW Hunter who came back to LotRO not long ago. I would never want the LotRO Hunter to be like the WoW version where the Hunter and Pet share dps output, but I do miss having a buddy with me as I solo around the game.

Before anyone says “just play a Loremaster” my response is – you have no idea how I have tried. I want to like the the loremaster but it has just never clicked with me, which is a shame but there it is.

Anyhow, its just a thought. I am actually pretty happy with the Hunter class.

Thanks for the great show.

Njalin (Dwarf Hunter)

Legacy Tables – Hunter

*New or changed legacies are in bold/italics

Ranged Weapon Pool A

  • Induction Bow Critical Multiplier
  • Focus Bow Critical Multiplier
  • Ranged Skill Evade Chance Modifier
  • Ranged Skill Block Chance Modifier
  • Induction Bow Power Cost
  • Merciful Shot cooldown (new)
  • Focus Bow Power Cost
  • Strength Quick Shot Slow
  • Quick Shot Critical Rating

Ranged Weapon Pool B

  • Ranged Evade Rating
  • Distracting Shot Resistance Penetration
  • Burn Hot Damage
  • Induction Bow Threat
  • Focus Bow Threat
  • Heart Seeker Damage
  • Endurance Quick Shot Threat
  • Barbed Arrow Bleed Damage (upgraded)
  • Distracting Shot Cooldown

Melee Weapon Pool A

  • Melee Critical Multiplier
  • Blindside Critical Rating
  • Needful Haste Duration
  • Beneath Notice Cooldown
  • Find the Path Movement Bonus (new)
  • Improved Strength Of Earth Morale Regen
  • Precision Stance Critical Magnitude (New)
  • Area of Effect Skills Maximum Targets (new)

Melee Weapon Pool B

  • Desperate Flight Cooldown (new)
  • Stealth Detection
  • Swift Stroke Parry/Evade Rating Buff (increased)
  • Low Cut Bleed Chance
  • Agile Rejoinder Heal Chance (increased)
  • Melee Critical Rating
  • Press Onward Cooldown (new)
  • Traited Intent Concentration Power bonus (new)

Removed Hunter Legacies

*These legacies will no longer appear on new Legendary Items but will stay in place on existing Legendary Items.

  • Moving Miss chance
  • Camouflage Stealth Level
  • Melee Power Cost
  • Off-hand Damage

One response

  1. Another good episode mate. Sorry been away for a week or so, so haven’t been able to contribute much. If you want any more stuff for future shows just drop me a tweet PM and I can send you my thoughts, I’m a bit flaky at the moment so might miss some stuff, but if you nudge me I will certainly help.

    You summarised my thoughts perfectly about the new screenshots from the turbine shop. The dyes and horses struck me first… dyes are a bad call generally, and horses I’m OK paying for, but as you say they need to be rep gated still.

    We shall see as you say!

    July 23, 2010 at 08:45

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